About us

Ha Kee Lim Jing Heang Co., Ltd.

"Ha Kee Lim Jing Heang Co., Ltd." the legend of the gift shop on Yaowarat road over 50 years. First opened in the 1965s. Choose a product to purchase more than 100 items. There are processed pork products, processed fruit, tea, snacks, Chili Paste, etc. The main product in the store is processed pork products. Originator family products pig that tastes delicious. This is a secret recipe passed to the family only, since the father. At present, a version 2 inherited legend by Mr. Sumitr Lertpanyaroj.
When mentioning about pork product such as crispy slice port, flossy pork, golden flossy pork (stick), golden flossy pork, Crispy Chinese Pork (stick). Recipe of this that there are products factory. It can improve the taste delicious. There is also a packaging beautiful both packing bags, packing paper box and iron tin (Original Model). Suitable for a gift or souvenir to the family, adult, and friends, every festival. The store provides a Giftsets, suitable for buying gifts special occasion. The new year is also the gift basket.

Products Quality

The shop has focused on the use of innovation products pork, crispy slice port, flossy pork to maintain product quality. Shredded pork with a spicy and not spicy, arrange cooked with special seasoning. The honesty to customers and business development continuously. Apparently the reaction in a good way. And customers have the opportunity to come to patronize the shop will become a regular customer. And told each other extensively all such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao and China to taste like no other of the shop. Initially planned Core Target to family groups or Chinese. But the increasing customer whether teenage students or workers, to demonstrate the strength of the product like processed pork products, that can reach consumers at any age. Eventually it will expand steadily increased until the present, there are 4 branches.